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[ May 2009 ]

Lakeland Angling Centre & Midsummer Lakehouse

Gary Costelloe reports that there was a great feel good factor surrounding Mayfly this year. Hatches were good, weather was favourable and generally anglers had smiles on their faces. It was great to see all the usual suspects, as well as some new faces who have been bitten by the bug and vowed to return in 2010 , if not sooner!
Zoe Ryan (14), Howth Co Dublin, a first timer dapping on Corrib with her dad, a seasoned visitor to Corrib (we wont mention his success rate), landed and returned a beautiful wild brown trout weighing approx 2 lbs, she also sampled for the first time the delights of an open air fry up on Inchagoill.
Regulars Niall O'Brien and Reggie Jackson with ghillie Joe Trill had some great fishing over four days keeping eight fish, Niall had the best fish 2 lbs 4 ozs, all on the dap.

Michael Moore from Spiddal had a lovely 5.5 lbs trout on the dap and John Boland from Clare took a 3 lbs trout also on the dap.
John McGrath from Ennis had the first Salmon landed at the house this year, 6.5 lbs.
Paul Ryan and Anthony Walsh had five trout for 7.5 lbs in one day all returned, wet fly.
The DAD's bi-annual competition was a great weekend with approx 30 fish for six anglers on the dap over three days, all returned. Dave Richards landing and returning the best fish 3 lbs 2 oz and winning the competition overall this year.

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