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Fishery News & Reports

Fishery News & Reports

Throughout the season, fisheries provide news of catches, details on conditions and special offers. You can read news of the fishing and conditions here by month/year.

Most Recent News / Fishery Reports:

Mount Falcon Fishery July 2016 - Posted in Jul 2016

Fishery Report – July 2016

The first 18 days of July were very good indeed with fish landed every dayth including 11 fish landed on the 16 of July. Michael English did well landing 9 fish all on the fly during the first week of July mostly on the Orange and Gold shrimp &… Read Full Report

Delphi Lodge - July - Posted in Jul 2016

Salmon catches this July will certainly not break any records here in Delphi. Despite fairly good water throughout the month with 152.4mms (6 inches) of rainfall spread fairly evenly throughout; our returns were below average, with only twenty nine fish landed for the month. The first… Read Full Report