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Fishery News & Reports

Fishery News & Reports

Throughout the season, fisheries provide news of catches, details on conditions and special offers. You can read news of the fishing and conditions here by month/year.

Most Recent News / Fishery Reports:

Delphi Lodge - October - Posted in Oct 2016


The 2016 angling season has come to an end and once again most of the salmon and sea trout fisheries are reflecting on the season just passed. Whilst the salmon run in this area is down on previous years, there were as always many memorable moments… Read Full Report

Mount Falcon Fishing September 2016 - Posted in Sep 2016

Fishery News September 2016

September started well with the Barham Family group from the UK enjoying some decent fishing, landing 10 fish over 2 days with a first ever salmon for 3 of the group including a lovely 9.5Lbs fish to Leaner White pictured below.  On the 13th of September the… Read Full Report

Delphi Lodge - August Report - Posted in Sep 2016


Salmon fishing here at Delphi was difficult in August with a total of thirteen salmon landed for the month. Fishing conditions throughout the month were good with a total of 166.4mms (6.55”) which kept water levels up. Sea trout on the other hand especially in… Read Full Report

Mount Falcon August 2016 - Posted in Aug 2016

Fishery Report – August 2016

The first 10 days of August fished quite well if a little down on last season but with some good days. 10 fish were landed on the 5th mostly to the Bill Whitwell party who ended their week with 13 fish. In the middle of the month the… Read Full Report

Mount Falcon Fishery July 2016 - Posted in Jul 2016

Fishery Report – July 2016

The first 18 days of July were very good indeed with fish landed every dayth including 11 fish landed on the 16 of July. Michael English did well landing 9 fish all on the fly during the first week of July mostly on the Orange and Gold shrimp &… Read Full Report

Delphi Lodge - July - Posted in Jul 2016

Salmon catches this July will certainly not break any records here in Delphi. Despite fairly good water throughout the month with 152.4mms (6 inches) of rainfall spread fairly evenly throughout; our returns were below average, with only twenty nine fish landed for the month. The first… Read Full Report

Mount Falcon Fishery June 2016 - Posted in Jun 2016

June Fishing Report 2016

Early June saw the beginning of the grilse run on the Moy and this developed into one of the best June runs on the river for quite a few years. On Mount Falcon fishery the first fish during June fell to USA visitor Keith Kennedy.… Read Full Report

Delphi Lodge - June - Posted in Jun 2016

June 2016 has certainly been an unusual month here at Delphi.

Whilst much of mainland Europe was under water, during the first half of the month Delphi was more akin to its Greek counterpart, basking in glorious sunshine and temperatures that for here were extremely high. Maximum recorded was 24.6 degrees C on the 8th. River levels… Read Full Report

Mount Falcon Fishery May 2016 - Posted in May 2016

May Fishing Report 2016

May was a reasonable month on the Moy in regards to Spring fish, however the water height meant that fish ran through Mount Falcon water heading for the Upper River and into Lough Conn. During the month we had the Martin Founds party (Anglers World)… Read Full Report

Delphi Lodge - May - Posted in May 2016


Week 20 is always busy here in Delphi. It combines a group of anglers who have been coming to Delphi for quite some time and it must be said that the craic is always mighty. This year the fishing was not as productive as normal, as… Read Full Report

Delphi Lodge - April - Posted in Apr 2016


April was a busy month for fishing here at Delphi with a full quota of anglers throughout the month. Total catch for the month was 31 which is just above the 10 year average, which given the lower than average rainfall 114.8mms or 4.52” was indeed a… Read Full Report

Delphi Lodge - March - Posted in Mar 2016


For the second year in succession the 20lbs barrier has been broken here at Delphi. It is indeed rather appropriate that on International Women’s Day, Yvonne Zirngibl being the only woman in a party of five, landed what is surely the biggest fly… Read Full Report


Fishing has picked up a bit since my last update as we have landed another 7 fish. Conditions have been difficult, with low water at the beginning of the week and then a deluge yesterday with 73.7mm or almost 3 inches. This finally put the river to 90… Read Full Report