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Fishery News & Reports

Fishery News & Reports


We are experiencing bumper catches since last weekend, as a result of high water due to the recent rainfall. We have had a total of 30 fish since the weekend.

Nigel McCorkell and Kevin Keaney hooked a total of six fish, and anaged to land three on Saturday last. Dr. John Casey had two fish on a Stoats tail while Stephen Cullinane also had two, both on a cascade. The Badger still remains popular, Frank Flaherty had double success with it, as did Nigel McCorkell. There is still a good run of fish. Philip Bellamy had a lovely 7lb fresh fish with a cascade and another fish, which was coloured. Dr. Toby Strauss returned a 10.5lb salmon, the biggest of the Season so far – who will beat him? You have almost a month to do it and while we are heavily booked, some few spaces remain.


The rain has arrived, resulting in a very welcome higher level of water in the river. On Monday evening Des Lally landed 2 fish, one of which was a lovely fresh fish of 9lbs. On Tuesday Kevin Keaney caught another on a Green Highlander. Also on Tuesday Pierre Perret landed 2 fish, one of them beautifully fresh. More rain is promised as the week progresses, which will improve conditions further on the Owenmore River.


Finally, we got some, much anticipated and hoped for, rain on Thursday last. Much to our delight, it brought with it some fresh fish, which are still coming in.

Mr. Kevin Thompson caught his first salmon on the fly, a nice 5.5lb fresh fish.

Micheal Von Murick caught another 5.5lb fish on an old traditional fly which has been brought back and is known as the Lemon and Grey.

Mr. Niall Greene from Salmon Watch Ireland caught two salmon, the biggest of which was 8lbs, which he released. 
Then Mr. Mike Copas, visiting us from the UK, caught another 5.5lb fresh fish.

Next weekend is very busy on the River, but some spaces are still available throughout the week.


The rate at which fish are being caught has slowed a little, to one fish per day. Tom McManus landed one fresh fish and released another. Our singing Fisherman, Pierre Perret also caught a nice fresh fish. The Badger and the Van Beck are still proving reliable, best in their smaller sizes, 12’s or even singles. There are still some fresh fish entering, just waiting for some water. According to the forecast we are due a lot of rain this coming weekend, which would make for wonderful fishing next week.