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Fishery News & Reports


Lough Corrib and Mayfly fishing go hand in glove, the pinnacle of the trout season is traditionally May time, certainly that is when it is fished the most heavily by visitors but with many a canny local angler venturing out to dap the Mayfly in July with some great success.

However this year I am happy to report that the Mayfly did not disappoint despite the lower temperatures and wet conditions which made fishing challenging in the earlier part of the month.

Olive fishing and Mayfly fishing were equally successful in the first week of May. Our regular Welsh anglers had some excellent fishing with both. Johnny Mac Mullin and Richard Morris netting 38 trout bring just bringing 5 home for family!

Regular Italian anglers Edoardo Ferrero and his son Nicolo with Danilo and Elena had 17, the best of which was 3lbs all returned - we await some photos from Italy. Janet Till of the England fly fishing team worked hard for 2 nice trout. Graeme and Alastair MacLoughlin had their best year ever with 21 trout to 3 lbs all but two returned. David Nagle also had some terrific fishing with 9 fish including his best fish ever. The Leixlip anglers caught 10 and ate four for lunch over 3 days. Over the next 2 weeks the Mayfly fishing continued despite some difficult fishing conditions.

Mid May brought the usual suspects David Wathan, Andrew Priestly, Geoff Sissons and Harry Vernon coming now for 20 years. They had in their own words “mixed weather but a brilliant week as always” landing 18 trout best 3lbs. David Drury and Matt Mc Inerney had some superb fishing with 9 landed in two days, three fish over 2.5 lbs all on dryflies. Bernard Buisine from France had a good day’s sport finally conquering the Corrib mayfly fishing and caught 4 fish the best nearly 2 lbs. The Jones’ brothers from Dublin and London had good sport catching fish on wetflies and by dapping – catching 6 fish best 2.5 lbs. Ronan Joyce and friends had 4 fish and really enjoyed their introduction to Lough Corrib. Another fist timer group were Arnaud Malaconi and friends from Dublin and France catching 2 trout of 1.5 and 2.5 lbs – a great result for beginners.

For the first time in years the Mayfly season has extended over three months! It kicked off the last week of April and there are still fish to be caught on Mayflies now in June. The fact that temperatures have remained low has significantly helped and there was no heatwave like in recent years! The end of May brought some stormy weather making fishing difficult but still producing happy anglers.

The swans on the river now have 5 chicks – let’s hope the mink don't get them. It's still a bit cold for Spud but fishing is not permitted without her!

On a sad note, my mother passed away on the 20th of May unexpectedly, she had been ill for a short time, only 2 weeks before Greg had caught 2 lovely trout for her which she relished. I would like to sincerely thank all our guest and fellow anglers who showed such consideration and a special thank you to Kathleen who looked after everything during this period.

Continued good fishing for the remainder of the season, there is plenty more fish in the Corrib.

We hope we will see you over this period.
Deirdre Forde