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Fishery News & Reports

Fishery News & Reports


March this year has been a disappointing month for salmon fishing, considering the conditions. For the most part conditions were excellent and one was expecting to see lots of fish appearing in the system. It appears to be a similar story for many fisheries this month, with fishing slow to get going.

On a more positive note the size of the fish was above average with some crackers recorded. We landed thirteen fish in total and they were fairly evenly spread throughout the month.

In week 10 a regular German party had three fish, one off Fin taken on a Collie Dog and two off the river on a Black and Yellow and a Sunrae conehead, weighing in at 10lbs, 8lbs4ozs and 8lbs7ozs respectively.
Week 11 saw four fish landed. Joe Hosey had a fine fish of 11lbs5ozs on a Collie Dog off Fin. Jacob Tax and Bernd Bieber had two in a morning off Doo on a weighted Willie Gunn of 9 and 7lbs approx. Bernd Bieber had another off Fin of approx. 8lbs on a Collie Dog.

Week 12 saw a Swedish group land three fish. Kenneth Nordia had a small fish of approx. 5lbs off Fin on a non descript. Lias Engbert had a beauty off Fin on a Breakfast fly weighing in at 11lbs15ozs only to be out done later in the week when Jan Ronnlund had one of 11lbs15.5ozs from the Deadman’s again on a Breakfast fly.

In week 13 we had three. A regular German visitor had a small fish of 5lbs4ozs from the King’s pool on a Black and Yellow. Hasse Dehlin from Sweden had one of approx. 12lbs on a Collie Dog off Finlough and finally Lucia Misurova landed her first ever salmon, a fine fish of 10lbs12ozs taken on a Collie Dog off Finlough.

The first week in April has been quiet so far but things have picked up a bit generally in the last couple of days. There were fish seen on Killary yesterday and since then we have had quite a bit of activity with a fish risen yesterday evening, one seen this morning and Steve Jones rose one in the Rock pool and the Waterfall and also lost a double figure fish that he played for 5 minutes. Hopefully this increase in activity will continue over the next while.