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Fishery News & Reports

Fishery News & Reports


Early June saw the beginning if the grilse run on the Moy. However on leaving the tidal waters these fish were running hard to the upper Moy and the lake, with very few resting in the middle Moy pools.

On June the 6TH Trevor Le Cornu from Jersey caught a beautiful 8lb salmon on fly (his first) while fishing with Mount Falcon ghillie Michael O’Kane on the upper Moy. 
A week later well know illusionist and magician Keith Barry had 2 salmon, 6lb and 8lb from the upper Moy on bubble and fly while being guided by Michael.

The weekend of the 20th saw an increase in activity with Paul Brockenshire catching a 5lb fish on a Toby at Connor’s Gap, he lost another later in the day. On the Saturday Philippe Gasco (Italy) had a small grilse from the Wall Pool, this was followed up the next day with another of 4lb from the Wall Pool and a 5lb fish from Connor’s Gap.
At the end of the month Phillip Hart (3 Rivers Package) had a 6lb fish on a cascade of The Ridge.

The good news now is that fish are beginning to be seen (and caught) in the Mount Falcon pools, while the water levels are still low fish are able to run the river given the current high tides.