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Fishery News & Reports


August is over already, the season drawing to a close…yet in some ways it has not really taken off, infrequent rain fall and low salmon.

Numbers are certainly linked but that in itself is not the entire story, regardless of rainfall salmon numbers are for the most part on the low side.

Yet sea trout numbers remain good overall and tie in nicely with good rainfall.

Seasons come and go and no two are quite the same, so we must wait and see what the next has in store to find a trend.

Some months this year have given their best fishing in the early part of the month, this cannot be said for August as mid to late month had the better fishing, from the 1st to the 8th there wasn’t  a huge amount happening. 
It was low water for the Livingstone party on the Owenduff but they did have some success on the Ballyveeney with 2 small seatrout.

On the 3rd there were 2 seatrout on the Owenduff Rock House beat. Frenchman Thierry Sauvin kept the flag flying again on the 11th with 2 salmon and 2 seatrout in nice conditions, and again on the 14th with 1 salmon and 2 sea trout kept and 1 salmon and 3 sea-trout lost that day.

Jack Deffely had 3 trout on the 16th in high water. Regulars Chris Huxley who featured in a nice article in this month’s Trout & Salmon (a must Read !!) about the Rock House beat had 4 sea trout with his party on the 12th and lost a grilse and nice fresh salmon estimated to be a 7-pounder.

The Headline story for August has to be in the last week : David Gilpin  on the 26th had 1 salmon and 4 seatrout and on the 28th took 1 salmon and 1 seatrout, he closed his account on the 29th with 2 seatrout.

Regulars, the McCaulleys had lovely conditions on the 29th and had a great day’s fishing with 2 salmon and 7 seatrout, both salmon were in around 6 pounds and the seatrout from 1 to 2 lbs,, not to be out done on the 29th Declan Little from Wicklow released 2 salmon 7 to 9 lbs, kept 3 trout and released 5 .  

The total for august looks rather respectable for the Rock House beat with 9 salmon and 43 seatrout.

Till the September report is put to press the best recommended read is most certainly the 4 page spread in the latest copy of Trout and Salmon, Autumn 2014 issue (p. 16 onwards) about the “Rock Festival” in May here on the beat.

Till then, TIGHT LINES !