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Fishery News & Reports


So July has come and gone, somehow it seems like we are looking forward to what the next month will bring and next thing it’s over...

Perhaps at times the rain came heavy, and the river jumped from a stream to a graceful salmon river, and then to a raging torrent and back again, so much so that we did not feel the silent steps of time pass us by !

If June 2015 wasn't wet enough then July certainly made up for it, be you farmer, fisherman or business man or (woman) you could not deny it was one of the wettest Julys of recent years.

For the start of the month it was dry at first with the threat of thundery rain hanging in the air, this was how it began for the Ryan/Roche party in for the week from the 4th to 11 July. Not many fresh fish about but with the patchy rain there was quite a few sea trout about, these anglers had to fish some low water at times but the water came good by week’s end : 4 summer salmon from 2.8 to 8 pounds and 20 seatrout made it an enjoyable week for them, and a hopeful return again next year.

Martin Davison had a few days at various times over the month a 7 and half pounder on the 11th a small grilse on the 16th , on the 27th 1 small grilse of 3.5 pounds and 3 very nice sea trout of 2 / 3 and half and a one of over 4 pound, the best so far weight wise. “A Good Day” was the simple and informative comment on the day’s record sheet.

On the 17th July Jane Hall had 4 lovely sea trout in the morning on a rising flood, and her companions Lynda Huxley had 2 sea trout and Chris 4 sea trout and a really beautiful summer salmon of 7.5 pounds. They had “an excellent time on the river”, so they wrote.

Oshin O'Sullivan and his son Connor had some sea trout mid-month all around 1 pound.

Bob Brennan had a 10 pounder on the 18th and Liam O Conner had a nice day’s fishing on the 20th in good water with 1 salmon and 1 seatrout.

The month finished with the Rock House rod Thierry Sauvin having in the evening of 31st July a very nice 4.5 kg salmon, 79 cm.

It is always good to finish well !!! though in the morning of that very day the river was HUGE ! and unfishable, the comment on the record sheet said it all  (HUGE FLOOD , NO BOAT !)….

Total catch for July was good sea trout wise but well behind for salmon with 13 salmon and 43 seatrout...

Till end of August which has already started Tight Lines !