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[ September 2014 ]

Rock House

September has come and gone again, and along with it season 2014. Fisheries around the country have reported less fish this year, however everyone would agree that the unusually long dry spells each month most exceptionally April and September had a profound effect on fishing conditions and the consequence being low end of season fish count.

The fish seemed to be there or there abouts but no water to catch them! Our climate is changing, few could argue otherwise, how fast or how erratic this takes place will determine how salmon and sea trout and the game fisheries that owe their existence to them can adapt to a new global reality. An occasional long dry season may result in one thing, a number of extended dry summers something entirely different.

Fisheries with by the week only lettings had less fish per rod than other years, a lot of rods but no rain or certainly not enough at any rate.

At “Rock House” we’ve seen both sides of the coin : although there were some weekly lettings most rod days were short notice day tickets, overall business could have been much better with more rain !

But at least on the day ticket side of things most rod days had water and fish to boot, given that when rain was forecast Anglers booked at short notice.

The overall catch was not bad per rod days in fact it was quite decent considering there was almost 2 months with hardly enough rain to wet a goldfish let alone a salmon !!.

It was May before our season took off with a cracking week for the Huxley party which made good fishing and indeed good reading in Trout and Salmon.

June was hot and thundery at times, so at least the thunder lumps gave the gift of some much needed rain showers. The best day had 6 salmon and 5 sea trout on the 10th.

July was again warm and sunny broken by downpours on occasion;  temperatures hit 27 degrees in places. The Ryans for their weekly booking had 3 salmon and 24 sea trout, and there was some decent days for the day tickets late in the month.

The middle of August to late August had the best fishing for the month : 9 salmon and 43 sea trout for that period. In early August there was not much about. “Rock House” season ended more or less there…
At the end of September Pierre Morrisens had 2 sea trout in low conditions and 2 days later 2 house rods seen 3 fish but none were takers!!

There were quite a few fish in the river by September but not enough water to tempt neither fish nor angler.

The numbers for seasons end were not bad per rod day with 42 salmon and 77 sea trout  over what was a 4 month season instead of 5 with no more than 4 rods at any time...


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