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[ June 2014 ]

Rock House

June 2014 swung between scorching sunshine to thunderous down pours and a few things in between, we have  always been familiar with climate change in this part of the world  and often several climate changes in the one day !

June was in general a dry month angling wise… with long spells of dry weather and a few days of thundery or showery rainfall  but mostly settled conditions.
A small spate on the 2nd  of June produced the first 2 salmon of 6.5 and 10 pounds caught by regular angler Bob Brennan on the High bank pool, on the following day he had a fresh 6 pounder on Otter pool, Bob knows what the fish is like for breakfast dinner and lunch !!.

Conditions were dry with low water for Hugh Kingham   on the 7,, Hugh hooked a fish down stream of about  5 pounds non the less.
2 German Anglers who came on the 5th to be greeted by breath taking scenery but low water returned again on the 8th to better water. Kurt Loffeltmannn had a fish of about 4 pounds and his  record sheet read as follows """ Again stunning scenery and good amount of water today, nice fish, thanks"".

The best days fishing was on the 10th Declan Little had 4 salmon and 3 seatrout ; the salmon ranged from 4 pounds to 8 on the day and the seatrout 1 to 1 and half pounds.
The Broken Banks pool and Green Bank pool came alive with activity for a time, Chris and Lynda Huxley had 3 fish on the same day : salmon of 7.5 and 3.5 pounds and seatrout 2.5 pounds.

The remainder of the month had some patchy rain and mist but mostly dry, sunny days with temperatures in the late teens early twenty's more suited to making hay and going to the beach rather than angling, although anglers who did fish on regardless reported a lot of fish showing in most pools late in the evenings, the main holding pools are showing good activity in particular.

The total for June 2014 on the Rock House beat was 11 salmon and 4 seatrout.

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