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[ July 2014 ]

Aasleagh Lodge & River Erriff Fisheryaasleagh July 2014

Angling Report Ist. July to Sunday 6th. July. 2014.
It was a mixed week with bright sunshine and some very heavy thundery showers. Water levels were low for the first three days of the month – however the sea trout continued to run in very good numbers with almost 250 trout running through the counter during that period. Overall the amount of rain that fell was disappointing with water levels recorded at just over 1.1 meters on the 4th on the month on Aasleagh Guage - however it was a welcome bonus for the salmon fry on the feeder streams which were running seriously low. The first good pulse of the grilse run with a scattering of Springers almost 100 fish move upstream – the run of sea trout was excellent with almost 700 fish recorded through the counter.
Michel Le Paire caught a sparkling fresh sea liced grilse in the Bridge Pool on Beat 9 on a Sunray Shadow. Fishing lightly dressed Cascades Enda O’Connell , Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. had a very successful few days on the river catching 3 fresh grilse in the Falls Pool and Garden Pools on Beat 9. Ken Mills, UK caught another grilse in the Garden Pool also on a Cascade. Simone Scaggio and Michel Malagugini both from Italy and fishing the Erriff for the first time caught their first ever salmon in the Falls Pool on Beat 9. David Gaffney caught a nice sea trout on Beat 1. Hugh Maguire, Irl. caught a grilse and 3 sea trout in the Upper Sally Pool on Beat 7. The last fish of the week was caught by Michel Winthrop France on a Lady O’Hara in the School House Pool on Beat 3.

The catch for the week was 9 salmon and 15 sea trout.

Angling Report 7th. July to 13th. July. 2014.
The early part of the week was mainly dry with low water conditions. However the excellent run of sea trout continued with 849 sea trout passing through the counting facility at Aasleagh Falls between the 7th. and the 13th. of the month. Then the rains came on the morning of the 14th. with the level rising to 1.35 meters on the Aasleagh Guage by mid afternoon . The combination of the increase in water levels accompanied by high tides up to 4.6 meters brought in an additional 600 sea trout and 100+ salmon into the Fishery. After the dry period the river was somewhat coloured during the morning and early afternoon but it did clear by late afternoon. Overall angling pressure was relative light on the river during the period.

French anglers Francois Tartaguino fishing the Erriff for the first time and regular visitor Gerard Garnier had a successful first few days of their visit with Francoise catching his first Irish salmon in the Bridge Pool on Beat 9 – they then went on to catch a further 10 sea trout and 2 grilse during the period. Regular UK visitor Andrew Beattie caught 4 sea trout and a grilse of 7.75lbs – all fish were taken on a Cascade s14. James Keogh, Dublin caught 3 grilse - with the first coming from the Lower Garden Pool and the other two from the Falls Pool on Beat 9 – again a small dark Cascade was the successful pattern. Garret Beattie, N. Irl. caught 2 grilse in the Lower Garden Pool and the Bridge Pool on a Golden Shrimp Fly and a Willie Gunn. Local angler John Flaherty caught a sea trout in the Coronation Pool on Beat 8 and 2 grilse in the Falls Pool on Beat 9.

At the time of writing the report heavy rain is coming in from the West which should favour angling conditions for the coming week.

Total catch for the period was 13 salmon and 23 sea trout.
Angling Report 14th. July to 20th. July 2014.

Water levels were reasonably good during the early part of the week with a spate of 1.6 meters on the morning of the 14th. and there was a further spate of 1.2 meters on the 16th – both spates brought fresh salmon and sea trout into the river.

Regular UK. visitor Andrew Beattie caught 5 salmon best 7.75lbs and some 20 sea trout during the week - best day was 8 sea trout from the Tawnyard Potholes on Beat 3. Alexander Mills caught 2 nice sea trout in the School House Pool - the following day he caught another two and released a grilse of 5lbs caught in the Falls Pool on a Cascade.

Fishing a Silver Stoat and a Black Shrimp Gerard Garnier, France caught 23 sea trout and 3 grilse best 5.5lbs. Chris Dennison, UK. released 6 sea trout and a grilse caught on a Silver Stoat in the Colonel’s Pool on Beat 6. Simon Hughes, Tourmakeady caught his first Erriff salmon in the Falls Pool on Beat 9.

Lady angler Aoife Keogh, Dublin caught a sparkling fresh grilse of 5.5lbs in the Falls Pool. Kevin Attride, caught 3 sea trout in Jenkins and Yellow Banks on Beat 5. Frank Hughes caught a grilse in Jenkins on a Cascade. Martin Davison, N.I. caught a sea trout of 1.75lbs in the Cottage Pool on Beat 4 and David Curran caught one of 1.75lbs. in the Glenanane Stones on Beat 7.

The total catch for the period was 14 salmon and 44 sea trout.

Angling Report 28th. July to 2nd. August 2014.
The hot summer weather continued throughout the week. The rain that was forecast never came and overall water temperatures remained high but falling to 17C by the end of the week. Anthony Tindal caught a nice fresh run grilse of 4.5lbs on a Pringle Shrimp Fly in the Middle Garden Pool on Beat 9. Fishing a Sprimp Fly the Bridge Pool produced another nice grilse of 4.5lbs for Linda Titterington, NI.

Gernot Lipp, Austria had a brilliant week catching 3 grilse best 6lbs which was taken in the Bridge Pool on his own dressing of a Silver Sheep Fly. Fellow Austrian Martin Weinzerl, caught two – best 6.25lbs in the Middle Garden Pool and Bridge Pool. Bernd Schubel also from Austria caught his first ever salmon weighing 6.25lbs in the Falls Pool on an Alley Shrimp Fly – Bernd was unlucky to part company with a few more fish. Jean Jacques Eugene fishing a second week on the Erriff caught 2 best 5.5lbs in the Falls Pool and Gerard Garnier caught another of 7.75lbs also in the Falls Pool.

Fishing late evening for Sea Trout in the School House Pool on Beat 3 Mick Burt, U.K. caught 1 and lost another 3. Neil Spellacy, Moycullen had a good night sea trout fishing in the Quarry Pool on Beat 2 – releasing a salmon estimated at 8lbs taken just below Finnegan’s Burn. Neil then went on to catch and release another 2 sea trout of 1.5lbs and a few small brown trout all fish were caught on a Teal Blue and Silver s14.

With a good West wind and cloud cover Tawnyard Lough produced 15 sea trout (best 2.5lbs.) and 25 brown trout for Paul Caslin and Peter Gray – most successful flies were an Extractor, McCormack Peter and a G. George. Another two rods reported 2 sea trout and several brown trout earlier in the week when angling conditions were far from favourable.

Total catch for the week was 12 salmon and 29 sea trout.
Total catch for the month of July was 58 salmon and 111 sea trout.

Jim Stafford

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