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The Loughs

Derryclare Lough & Lough Inagh

Located in Connemara, Co Galway

These two loughs lie in the lovely Inagh valley with The Twelve Pins (mountains) of Connemara rising steeply to the west and the Maumturk Mountain range to the east. In all, there is 5 miles of lough and river fishing – mainly lough, with two short connecting rivers. This fishery has everything – spring salmon, grilse and a wonderful run of sea trout. The springers are mainly fished in April and May, the grilse come in June and the sea trout in late June. There are three sets of ‘butts’, or long fishing piers, built out into Derryclare Lough for the anglers’ convenience. The famous Derryclare Butts are at the top of Derryclare Lough where the river flows in. This is a good lie for a spring salmon and a wonderful stand for a night’s sea-trout fishing – it can be good in the daytime, too. Access to it is in by the forest road off the Inagh road. To get to the Glendollagh Butts, take the pathway down along the old railway from the Weir Bridge at Recess old railway station. Greenpoint Butts are a short walk up from the Canal Bridge at the junction of the Roundstone and Clifden roads. Strangely, there are no boats available on Derryclare Lough and all the fishing is done from the butts and the bank.

Lough Inagh has eight boats and the fishing starts here early in July when it gets its first run of sea trout, with plenty of 3-pounders among them. It has been known for up to 50 trout to be taken here by a single boat in one day. The west shore fishes best, and all along the islands. There are several goods drifts for both Trout and Salmon and the top of the lough near the inflowing river. Favourite trout patterns in July are Watson’s Fancy, Bibio, (with a red centre), Butcher, Peter Ross. Later in the season add a Jacob’s Ladder, Green Peter, Daddy, Claret and Mallard, Camusunary, Killer and Dunkeld. Dapping can bring up the best of the sea trout in August and September. There is no need to fish special flies for salmon at this time, as they will take the sea-trout flies. Just remember to keep the strike slow. The boat jetty and boat house are located half way along the east shore of Inagh. This is one lough on which an outboard is essential, as it is too big for rowing. There are a couple of submerged rocks so caution should be taken when using the motor. This lough will take more than one day to explore adequately, for it can be one of the best. However, it can have its dour periods and some think the fish is best midweek when it is less disturbed by a full compliment of anglers.

Excerpts taken from "Trout & Salmon Rivers of Ireland, an angler's guide" by Peter O'Reilly.