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Lough Carrowmore

Located in Co Mayo

Carrowmore Lake lies 2 miles north-west of Bangor in Co Mayo. The slopes of Knocknascallop rise up along the west shore. The lake is over 4 miles long and nearly 3 miles at its widest part, though it narrows to ½ mile at one point. It holds spring salmon from opening day (1 January) and sea trout from late June and it has a resident stock of brown trout with some good ones among them. The salmon fishing season opens on 1 January and the lough holds a good stock of spring salmon even at that early date.

Serious fishing begins with the first mild weather in February and a break in the winter storms. Bank fishing is not allowed. Fishing methods are spinning and fly fishing to 31 March and thereafter it is fly fishing only. This is probably the premier spring salmon fishing lough in the country at the time of writing. The predominant angling quarry – at the height of the season from July onwards – is the sea trout.

Favourite fishing areas are around Herrity’s Island on the south side, around Derreen’s Island on the north-west side, all along the north shore and at the mouth of the Glencullin River to the east. Best conditions are a soft wind from the south-west. All the usual traditional fly patterns work, as does dapping an artificial (only the artificial fly is permitted). This lake is shallow all over and boats should take great care of rocks submerged just under the surface. On a lake this size the angler would be well advised to take along this own outboard. The season for trout and sea trout is from 15 February to 30 September.

Excerpts taken from "Trout & Salmon Rivers of Ireland, an angler's guide" by Peter O'Reilly.