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Oorid Lough

Located in Co Galway

Oorid is the big, impressive lough that lies to the south of the N59 Galway- Clifden road and just over 2 miles west Maam Cross. It is the top lough on the system and anglers are often surprised to learn that it, too, gets its fish from Ballynahinch. It is a long way from here to Toombeola Bridge at the bottom. It is mainly a sea-trout fishery but holds small brownies too.

The first fish get up in late July and this is really an August, September and October lough. Again, fly fishing and dapping is the rule and there are two boats for hire. Outboards are allowed. It is a safe lough for the most part but there is a rocky reef that is sometimes submerged on the east side and anglers should exercise caution in this area. Like the other loughs in the area, it fishes best in a west wind.

On account of Oorid's size, it is sometimes difficult to locate the trout, so the angler must continue to drift until he rises a fish and then quietly fish around that area for some time. There is a long bay running south and there is a good drift across the mouth. This is a lough with a reputation for producing big trout and a favourite spot to pick one up is on the outside of the small island. The fish seem to congregate here, attracted by the insects that may be blown from the trees. Flies to bring along include Claret Bumble, Bumble Invicta, Green Peter, Daddy, Bibio, Watson's Fancy, Kingsmill and Bloody Butcher.

Excerpts taken from "Trout & Salmon Rivers of Ireland, an angler's guide" by Peter O'Reilly.